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Summary about electrical fires

An electrical fire is due to a hot spot undetected or detected too late, and will have created an atmosphere conducive to the start a fire. It's obvious. But there is also another obviousness for professionals:

Despite decades of research, the technique is unable to detect a hot spot (abnormal temperature) in an automatic way in the circuit through the conductors, as would a circuit breaker for a short circuit for example.

In addition, for verified reasons, the vast majority of these hot spots are produced at connection points, (glowing connections). “Glowing connections" and the inability to automatically anticipate them represents the cause of almost all electrical fires.

The differences between France and part of Europe and Nord America, but the same main cause of electrical fires : glowing connection.


The assembly is performed as follows: A small panel supplied with 115 V - under different protection devices, a wiring 12 AWG 1.5 m. (69 in.) feeding a 1500 watt fanned heater as a load.

For tests, poor connections were simulated voluntarily near protection device, at about 25 cm. For each test, overheating, melting, carbonization, wire also starts to melt and carbonize.

Test with a Circuit Breaker 15 Amp.

The breaker does not trip.

Test with a GFCI 20 Amp.

(On Phase)

(On Neutral)

The GFCI does not trip.

Tests with an AFCI 20 Amp.

(On Phase)

(On Neutral)

The AFCI does not trip.

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