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In North America and in France, to eliminate almost home electrical fires is possible since 2001.

Well then?

RM, Electrical Engineer (USA)
"This is progress for humanity ... / ... thousands of lives can be saved ... / ... smart and simple" (2015)

RBH, Engineer (USA), Senior Member - IEEE / Member of the National Electrical Code (NEC)
"This is why ... / ... a major advance for the safety of the general public, because ... / .... widespread application of these products." (2008)

ST, OIQ Engineer, Member of AIIE (North America)
"By targeting the direct cause of nearly all electrical fires ... / ... in all cases (including with AFCIs) it provides a gain of important safety facilities ... / ... these are conducive to widespread innovation and thus a strong advance in public safety "(2002)

YG, expert engineer, legal expert.
"I want to express my deepest interest ... / ... The vast majority of the electrical problems that I encountered during my professional and judicial technical expertise could have been avoided if ... /... have been equipped with a protection system ... / ... at the highest point ... / ... "(2002)

Jean Pierre Denonain Expert Engineer, former head of the section of the inspections and controls APAVEs group. Technical advisor of insurance companies, Technical advisor of Legal Expert
"... / ... it targets the root cause of electrical fires ... / .. it would appear desirable to consider a generalization of this invention for the safety of the majority "(2001)

"... becomes active at the time of an imminent fire hazard. In this case, it is activated with the existing protective elements ... / ... It is a revolutionary and innovative concept in the safety of installations "(2004)

Michel Guignard Electricien Compagnon du Tour de France (Europe & USA) :
"This is the only technology that can be generalized immediately to prevent almost all electrical fires ... / ... one of the best discoveries in the field of electrical safety for decades (2000)

"we agree to market your products ... / ... French market. Our strategy ... / ... Please inform us ... / ... can realize a partnership agreement at the earliest. "(2002)

HG CEO XXX "We confirm our interest to your ... / ... we are keen to contribute ... / ... distribution in France ... / ..." (2002)

GF XXX Insurance "... / ... a study ... / ... The DG was very sensitive to innovative ... / ... and especially its ability to remove almost all of the lights by heating from electrical connections ... / ..." (2006)

......GCI Technology, quick overview:

The technology prevents the real and the main cause of almost all electrical fires : Glowing connections.

GCI Technology will be able to dramatically increase the safety of electricity users in the United States deal with electrical fires at a minimal cost relative to the security provided.

The technology allows for the first time:

.....- Automatic and continuous monitoring of the actual core temperature of contact terminals of installations' circuits, and conductors at the location of connections,

.....- The means of automatic power cut-off when a critical temperature is reached at a terminal connection point, before the creation of an atmosphere conducive to start a fire.

The implications for consumers:

An affordable purchase price, a significant gain in security against major risk of electrical fires, no routine maintenance for protected parts, once the product is installed.

The implications for professionals:

- no additional wire,
- no additional labor,
- nothing to add to the panel,
- no maintenance after installation
- repairs simple and quick

- No “X” tripping is possible

Work according to a principle already well know and with all
existing electric protections:

AFCIs, GFCI, or Circuit breakers

Video "9 minutes to understand how GCI Technology can improve the electrical safety of the American People":

A revolutionary technology to prevent electrical fires in the USA:

Video "GCI Quick overview " :

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